A Few of my Favorite Podcasts

Hello everyone! Tonight I’d like to show you a few of my favorite podcasts that I’ve been listening to! I drive a LOT for work and I prefer listening to people talking when I drive rather than music. Although I love NPR,  (and have included some in my list of podcasts), you can only listen to depressing news for so long. That and the morning and afternoon shows tend to have a lot of the same stuff on it. So I started to listen to podcasts. There’s a few different topics that I tend to gravitate to, depending on my mood. Here is what I’m listening to right now!

Personal Development and Growth: 

The Overwhelmed Brain: This is a great one hour podcast with 3 different segments normally. It’s hosted by Paul Colaianni. What I like about this show is that he’s open and honest about his failures in his past and how he’s grown from those times and learned important lessons from it. His podcasts come out once a week.

The Girl Gang Podcast: Sarah Starrs is an amazing, creative woman in the UK who has guests on her podcast all over the spectrum of women empowerment. She has life coaches, sex therapists, yoga teachers and so much more. Her guests have opened up my mind to new ideas and expand on things I’ve been working on in my personal life.

The Productive Woman Podcast :The Productive Woman is hosted by Laura McClellan, and she has some great ideas about staying productive as a busy woman, balancing work and personal life.

Blog/Social Media Growth: 

ProBlogger Podcast: This podcast is hosted by Darren Rowse, a full time blogger from Melbourne Australia. Not only does he have an amazing accent, but he is a wealth of knowledge. He started the podcast with a 30 day challenge to build a better blog, and has continued to deliver every single week with exciting content that has helped me on multiple occasions.

Writing Unblocked: I just found this podcast and have really liked it so far. Writing a book or e-book is something that is on my horizon and I’ve started the research and rough writing. This podcast interviews published authors as well as has technical advice. The only thing I don’t like is they are shorter episodes and when I have long commutes, I like to listen to one podcast for that drive.

Video Creators Podcast: This podcast is hosted by Tim Schmoyer. He is a YouTube guru and has some amazing tips on how to build and grow your YouTube channel. He talks about content creation, how to connect with your audience and about analytics.


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Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! : The favorite Saturday hour of NPR! I don’t work most weekends, so I miss this live, but I’ll always try to listen to it on Monday. It’s fun to play along with the guests and call in audience about the weekly news.

1A Podcast: 1A is probably my favorite NPR show that happens during the week. Joshua Johnson tackles the hard hitting questions of Washington that pertain to the 1st amendment. He is brilliant and he always has great guests on his show! Every Friday, he has taken up Diane Rehm’s tradition of the Friday News Roundup and goes over the week’s news in detail for two hours.


Have you listened to any of these podcasts? What are some of your favorites right now?


Happy Wednesday!


  1. I never thought to listen podcasts! I walk a lot listening music on my headphones so maybe next time I will choose one of those you recommending here! Such a great idea!

    1. I used to listen to music when I ran, but the timing would always mess me up and I was focusing too much on running. With podcasts I got lost in what they were talking about I forgot about my run! (Which is good because I hate running.

  2. Yeah I’m not a podcast person but I have friends who listen to them all the time. I have a few downloaded but never listened so perhaps I should try to sometime.

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