6 Things I wish I Would’ve Known Before I Started a Bullet Journal

Are you curious about this Bullet Journal craze? Have you seen things on Pinterest or Instagram about it and think it might be something you’d like to try? (If you follow my social media then you’ve definitely seen some pictures!) But there’s some things that I wish I would’ve known before I started, and I probably would’ve started this a lot earlier!

  1. It’s completely personal: I started a bullet journal at the beginning of the year, but I quickly got discouraged and didn’t like going back to it. That is because I kept going on Pinterest looking for inspiration and then trying to copy what was I was seeing. I’m not artistic so it was super discouraging when my pages didn’t look like the pictures I was seeing. I was also trying to add pages that I really didn’t need, so I wasn’t wanting to fill it out every day. Now, I’ve realized what pages I need and what works for me, and the designs are something that I like and enjoy looking at.
  2. It’s a creative outlet: Like I said, I’m not artistic. I can’t draw or doodle. But my bullet journal still allows me to be creative in a way that works for me. I’m working on my handwriting and brush lettering. I utilize Washi Tape to add some color and I’m working on complimentary colors when creating my pages. So even though I can’t draw anything, I can still be creative in my own way!
  3. It provides a road map: My bullet journal provides a place to write down my long-term goals and a way to measure them. I also can break down those big goals and make them manageable on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. I feel like my bullet journal has allowed me to focus my life and have a destination in mind.
  4. Mistakes are okay!: When I started at the beginning of the year, I made so many mistakes. I got a notebook that had really light pages so the markers were bleeding through. It was also super frustrating when I would make a mistake on a page and couldn’t fix it. I’ve since learned how to cover up some mistakes, but to embrace others by either making them look intentional or by just leaving them there as part of the learning experience.
  5. There’s an Amazing Community of Bullet Journalers: Facebook is full of Bullet Journalers. There are so many groups dedicated to different aspects of bullet journaling, any type of inspiration or help you need, there’s probably a Facebook group for that. Most of the groups are amazing and super helpful!
  6. It’s a LOT of fun!: Since restarting my bullet journal journey, I’ve been doing it consistently for a little over two months and have been in my journal every day. There hasn’t been one day where I didn’t want to work in my journal in the evening. I love my evenings planning my day and week. It’s relaxing, peaceful and I feel so much more productive. And I love adding new collection pages to my journal!

I hope these things inspire you to start your very own bullet journal! It has been such a benefit to my mental health and personal growth!

For those of you that are already in the bullet journal world, what are some things you wish you would’ve known before starting? Comment below!


  1. oh I had no idea whats bullet journal before I got here! Seems like a great idea! Ive always preferred have everything written down on a paper than computer so its seems like its perfect for me! I need to have one now as well! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love bullet journaling so much, the creative part of it is definitely my favorite thing. I’m already pretty artsy but it’s helped my lettering so much as well! Personalizing it is definitely the best. Do you have any suggestions for facebook groups to follow? I’m only in the plan with me group and I’m looking for others to join. 🙂

  3. I had no idea what a bullet journal was, but now I do! It looks like a great way to get creative thoughts on paper.

  4. i have only recently started my own bullet journal, i was hesitant because i wanted it to be perfect, but exactly like you say, that is the thing I love about BuJo is that it is completely personal and you can do what works for you!

  5. I’ll be starting my first (committed) bujo in 2018…I do have a question, though. When you make lists, and then have to go to the next journal, do you transfer the lists to the new journal, or just refer back to the older journal? Thanks!

    Oh, and I just subscribed to your blog today and am looking forward to reading your posts.

    1. If it’s something I use on a daily basis then I transfer to a new one. If not, I have a spread in my new bullet journal of past collections on old journals and what page it’s on so I can reference them if I need it.

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