Amazon Prime Day Deals the Bullet Journal-er Won’t Want to Miss!

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Well then today is your lucky day! It’s Prime Day! Prime members get exclusive deals throughout the day! Here are a few Bullet Journal related items on sale today that you should definitely check out! (Updated 4:30pm)  (This Post Contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here)

Black Dotted Grid Notebook: (Normally $25, Amazon Prime Day Deal: $13.75) I read the reviews of this notebook and a lot of people said they used it for Bullet Journaling and they loved it! There was a pen test on the review page and ultra fine sharpies had some ghosting, but the Tombow pens worked great! I am needing a new notebook starting in August, so I definitely purchased this one! I’m a little disappointed it only comes in black, but I’ll spruce it up a little!

Tombow Brush pens are normally super expensive, so I’m always looking for special deals! This 10 pack is normally $26.99 and the Prime Day Deal is $14.61, plus you get an extra 20% off at checkout so the price is only $11.69! You can’t beat that!!

Sharpie Art Pens: (Deal starts at 10am) Another pen that a lot of Bullet Journalers use, can’t beat a 50% off deal!

Fountain Pens: There are a few fountain pens on the Prime Day Deals, however, I don’t use fountain pens with my bullet journal so I was relying on the reviews to know if it was worth it or not. There were several sub-par reviews on most of the fountain pens, so for me, it wasn’t worth linking. However, if you’re adventurous, just search for fountain pen and the Prime Day Deals come up first!


Calligraphy Pen Set: (Originally $19.95, Prime Day Deal $13.59) I’ve been wanting a calligraphy set for some time now to improve my handwriting so this is definitely on my radar! According to the reviews it’s a great starter kit, not necessarily great for people who are already great at calligraphy, but for someone who doesn’t really know how to use them and doesn’t want to spend a ton of money, this could be the next great thing to add to your BuJo supplies!

Water Brush Pens: (Originally $12.99, Prime Day Deal $10.00) Another one of the items on my wish list! I’ve seen so many people using water colors to create beautiful pages, and its something that I really want to try! I feel like this is something that even as artistically challenged as I am, I could probably still make this work!

What items are you excited for this Prime Day? Are you planning on getting anything new to add to your Bullet Journal collection?


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