My Go-to Oils for Traveling


Part of my job description means that I am travelling out of state quite a bit. Before I took this job I flew about once a year… If that… Now I’m travelling about to twice a month. It’s been pretty interesting, and I’ve gotten to see parts of the country I definitely wouldn’t have seen otherwise. As I’ve one off on these travels, I’ve come to the realization that my oils are essential (see what I did there J) I pretty much can’t travel without them. They’ve been my lifeline on more than one occasion. I won’t lie,I’ve gotten some looks when I take them out in my clear bag (although now that I have pre-check I don’t have to do that!) It hasn’t been as bad, now that my home base is Salt Lake City, so I’m sure that the TSA there sees them quite a bit, since both Young Living and Doterra are based in Utah. But the other airports I’m in aren’t as “knowledgable”. I’ve never had them verbally question it or tell me I can’t carry them on, which is good, I’ve just gotten more than one stare! But oh well, they’re essential to my work weeks, both at home, and even more so during my travels!  Here’s what I have in my arsenal every time I go on a trip:



Valor: (or curently Valor II since they were out of valor when I needed it): I pretty much can’t live without this oil! I have some pretty bad anxiety when it comes to flying and I tend to get motion sick a lot, especially during the landing. Every time I fly, I use my aroma therapy necklace with a drop of Valor on it. I can’t really explain it, but inhaling that smell seems to calm me down, make me less tense and I tend to not get as sick or have a headache when landing, which is a lifesaver.



Cedarwood: This oil sits by my bed every night, so obviously I’m going to travel with it. I didn’t really believe this one would work as well as everyone was claiming, but I was having trouble sleeping without my husband while I was sleeping in a hotel, so I tried it once. I rub it on the bottoms of my feet and within minutes, I can feel myself drifting off and falling asleep.





Deep Relief: My job requires me to get down on floors and inspect under cabinets and stuff and climb through play places. I’m not as young as I once was. My muscles hurt! Deep Relief is great in the evenings as I get back to the hotel to rub on my sore muscles. Plus the peppermint cools my skin for even more relief!



Vitality Oils: My knock off “Swell” bottle goes everywhere with me. I can leave it in the car during a client visit and when I come back, the water is still cold and refreshing, even with this extreme heat we’ve had this summer. I add a couple of drops of my vitality oils into the water bottle and I’ve realized that I drink a lot more water when I do that. It tastes so much better than just drinking water. My favorites are Lime, Tangerine and Grapefruit. I also have the Thieves vitality oil that I will drop into my hot tea at the end of the day.




digizeDiGize: When I am travelling, I don’t eat well. I usually end up having to eat fast or greasy food just because it’s convenient and I don’t want to go look for healthy food. I eat what’s close to my hotel. That means that I usually end up with a stomach ache or digestive problems (sorry for the TMI J) DiGize is amazing! I usually just have to rub a couple drops onto my abdomen and within 15-20 minutes, my stomach is starting to settle down… This was another oil that I didn’t think would actually work for me but surprisingly enough, it did!




Eucalyptus Blue: I work long hours during my weeks of travel, and all I want to do is go back to the hotel and take a hot shower. I usually stay at Holiday Inn’s so they tend to have nice bathrooms and showers, especially when I get upgraded to a suite for being a member! I will drop 3-4 drops of this magnificent oil into the shower as soon as the water gets hot and it smells amazing once I get in! It’s rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time!






PanAway: This is my go-to oil for headaches and migraines as well as back-aches, toothaches, pretty much anything! I definitely wouldn’t be leaving home without this one!



Fellow traveling oilers! What are some oils that you won’t travel without? Have you ever gotten weird looks from TSA when traveling with them? 

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