Young Living Essential Oils: A Review from a Former Skeptic


Over the past couple months, my husband and I have been doing some research on store bought air fresheners, carpet cleaners and candles. It was shocking to see how dangerous these things can be! I couldn’t believe that I was putting this stuff in my house!

So I went on a search for a more natural alternative. I still wanted a clean house. I definitely didn’t want to sacrifice my home smelling like dogs simply because I didn’t want something that had chemicals in it. There had to be a middle ground.

I started researching (Pinterest will change your life… Literally) and I stumbled upon essential oils and how they could be used to create natural cleaning products. I knew some people that sold oils from a few different companies so I looked deeper into the companies behind the oils to see what they were really about, and I felt drawn to Young Living, mostly because of their seed to seal guarantee. (Find out more about their promise here)

I jumped in full steam. I bought the premium starter kit with 10 everyday oils, a bonus bottle of stress away, sample oil packets and a diffuser. Economically it made sense because the kit had most of the oils I wanted to try anyways. Plus, it came with the diffuser. It was a little costly upfront, but if it worked, it would be well worth the investment.

My oils came about a week later. I had been anxiously waiting for them and was so excited the day they came!


I started using them right away! I had been looking on pinterest good blends to put in the diffuser and the first thing I did was lemon and peppermint. I fell in love so quickly. And more than that, the oils went above and beyond what I had expected them to do. I was a skeptic on their medicinal properties. I didn’t really believe the hype. But the kit came with a few oils that weren’t really “diffuser friendly”. One in particular was the oil called “PanAway”. It was supposedly used to help with muscle aches, back stiffness and headaches. Well, I have constant headaches and migraines and the only thing that stops them is Excedrin. I had one come on a couple weeks ago and I thought, why not, let’s try the oil and see what it does. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t do anything and I have to take medicine. I rubbed it across my forehead and within 30 minutes, my headache was gone! It was amazing! No nasty side effects that the excedrin has and my headache was gone! (further testing showed that as long as it wasn’t a caffeine headache, the PanAway works. I still need my coffee!)

Pinterest has been very helpful, as well as watching YouTube videos from other Young Living members. I’m so excited about my oil journey and I really want to share it with everyone! I will be working on a post this week about how I use essential oils in my daily routine. (it’d be too long to add to this post, so stay tuned!) I have started learning how to teach classes for Young Living to be able to share this with others. I didn’t start on this journey to make money or to “sell stuff”. I joined because it was the best decision for my family. We have started making our home more natural and chemical free. While we still have some chemical cleaners in our home, we are beginning to weed it out and find ways that oils can replace the harmful chemicals. Young Living is so versatile and they have products for personal care (toothpaste, deodorant, etc) oils specifically designed for animals and cleaning products (mostly created with Thieves oils, one of their most popular and powerful oils). I am so excited to see how far this takes us!

What are your stories with Essential Oils? Have they worked for you and your family?

Disclaimer: These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.


Brianna Davis YL Distributor #3561585 



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