Who Rescued Who?

Today I thought I’d talk to you about one of my four legged kiddos, while talking about the benefits of rescuing and adopting from your local shelter.


Sasha joined our family July of 2014. We weren’t necessarily looking for another dog at the time. We were in the process of purchasing our home, so we were still in our rental home which didn’t really have a yard or room for big dogs to run. Matt already had a dog so it really wasn’t optimal timing. But Matt sent me a link to the local animal shelter that had an all white husky that would be adoptable that weekend. I went to go see her and fell in love with her. Matt and I went back the next day, when she was officially “adoptable”. We went about an hour before they even opened and just waited, just so we would be there first. I knew where she was a made a bolt to her kennel as soon as they opened the doors. That afternoon, we put her in the car and brought her home. And ever since then, she’s become part of our family. Even as I write this tonight, she’s cuddled up on the couch next to me, thinking she’s a 50lb lap dog…

Sasha is a diva and she knows it. She has the typical husky mannerisms like laying in weird positions and of course the talking back to you. She knows she’s the princess in our house. And yes, all of these describe Sasha…


Sasha was the first dog that I adopted from a shelter. In the past, I’d always gotten dogs from neighbors or friends that had a litter of puppies or have purchased guardian dogs for our livestock. But now that I’m in my own home and starting my family, I was able to bring a four legged member into my family. I love huskies. I always have. So when we found Sasha online, we knew we had to bring her home. I am so glad that we were able to adopt her from a shelter, and I know that rescuing, rather than purchasing from a breeder is definitely the way to go.

Sasha has become my snuggle partner, confidant, and walking partner among other things (although she pulls more than walks with me…) I couldn’t imagine being without her. She got out of our fence once and was gone overnight. That was a terrible night for me… Fortunately, we had some neighbors that found her the next morning and I was reunited with her!

She’s such a princess…


Waiting at the door. She wants to go on a walk!

Christmas 2015 with Sasha and Rex, our German Shepherd


Hoping I drop some dinner!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a sweet post. Our dogs have always been from a rescue. They have always been great dogs and if we decide to get more.. they will be rescues too. We love our dogs.

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