Dreaming Big: Dream Home Edition

At least 3 people won the lottery the other night. I wasn’t one of them… But I’ll be honest, I bought tickets. I mean who wouldn’t? 1.5 billion dollars would change someone’s life drastically. Yeah, I know there wasn’t really a chance that I’d win anything, but still, I had to give it a shot.

And then I started thinking… What would I do with all that money. Sure, I’d pay off all the student loans and the mortgage and car payments and stuff. But that’d just be a small  chunk. Then I started dreaming. One of my friends had started a “dream home” pinterest board and so I started searching for dream home ideas. Things that would never actually happen in this lifetime, but hey that’s why they call it a “dream” home.

So, in honor of Free for All Friday, I present my Dream Home


First off, my dream house would definitely be in the mountains. I want a quiet place with a ton of trees and a way to walk out my door and have a beautiful view. (This house is in Lake Tahoe, which is a gorgeous place.)




The living room in my dream home would be really open and light. Super vaulted ceilings, the ability to look over a balcony from the second story out into the living room and open to the kitchen for hosting parties. Can you imagine a Christmas tree in that living room?!





The kitchen would be my favorite part of the house. I’d want it big and open with lots of counter space and a big island for people to sit around and drink morning coffee. I’d want it to look rustic in keeping with the mountain theme. I love the bricks on some of these backsplashes!

30 Stunning Kitchen Designs @styleestate



I’d want a big window in the kitchen too. I wouldn’t even mind doing dishes with a view like this!







The bedroom I definitely would want vaulted ceilings, a big window with a private balcony, and a big fireplace! And tons of pillows and fluffy blankets on the bed!

Outside there’s just a few things I’d like in my dream home; a big deck for entertaining with a BBQ area and a place to roast s’mores! a treehouse for my kids (hey I’m in dreamland, I can pretend I have kids… haha) and a hammock between two big trees to relax and read a good book.

And that’s about it. See, nothing too fancy right? Here’s to dreaming anyways…



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