Dressing up Wal Mart Fashion


Today has been a blogging kind of day. I’ve worked on my Facebook page, did some research and filled out my editorial calendar for the month. I had literally the whole month filled out, but nothing on Wednesdays. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find anything “crafty” that I wanted to post about. It’s pretty much always been my Achilles heel and I’m always struggling for blog topics. So I decided to scratch the entire topic and went an entirely different direction.

Introducing… What to Wear Wednesdays!

I am not promising anything. I know that the world of fashion blogs can be kind of cut-throat and intense. I don’t really want to dive fully into this world, just stick my toes in so to speak.

So the first thing that I’d like to talk about is Wal-Mart. I am a recent college graduate (which means I’m paying student loans), a newly wed and have a house payment. I can’t afford to shop at the designer stores. I have a couple pieces that are more expensive, but for the most part, I have to find sales and discounts. And that includes finding cute and fashionable stuff at Wal Mart

Wal Mart can have some sort of a stigma to it. It’s definitely not Kenneth Cole or Anne Klein, but with the right accessories, you can still look cute, fashion forward and professional.

Sorry the pictures are blurry. I’m taking them with my iphone 😦

This entire outfit, with the exception of the sweater was purchased at Wal Mart. The sweater was purchased at Ross (another one of my favorite places to shop!) 12511537_10153303290093085_1884620266_n

Walmart actually can have good quality professional attire. George is a very clean brand that holds up to the high demand of my work. I worked in a restaurant before my current job so I was required to wear slacks and button up shirts. Almost my entire work wardrobe was George brand. It’s simple and clean, but it stood up to what I needed. Now, I’m able to dress up a little more and “look cute”. But I’m still on a budget… So my challenge is to make Walmart clothes look cute!

This outfit is George black slacks, white George button up shirt, faded glory infinity scarf and (not pictured) Faded Glory tan ballet flats. Since I’m still working in the food industry, I still have to wear functional shoes, so ballet flats are my go-to footwear.


Looking cute and fashion forward doesn’t have to make you max out your credit cards. You can look good on a budget. It’s a matter of getting creative, adding your own touch with accessories and having one or two staple pieces.

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  1. Cute outfit, I agree about not having to max credit cards in order to look fashion forward, I like bloggers who wear affordable clothes

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