Low Carb Meal Planning: I married a Diabetic!

So, my husband has type 1 diabetes, and it’s been a struggle the past year to try to eat healthy. With his insulin pump it kind of gives us “license” to eat whatever. Diet doesn’t cure type 1, he just has to take more insulin if we have a meal with pasta or other carbs. But all this is taking a toll. He’s having to take more insulin, so he’s using his pump supplies faster. Plus I’ve noticed that anytime there’s a lot of carbs involved, he ends up not feeling well the rest of the night. He’ll get groggy or tired, and that’s no fun! So I’m starting a challenge. It’ll be good for both of us, because it’s going to force us to eat healthy and eat at home, which is good for our bank account! Our plan is to cut out most, if not all carbs eventually. Now this isn’t easy for me. My go-to recipes are spaghetti, tacos, pot roast with potatoes, you get the picture… That’s what I grew up eating because it was easy and cheap and I was part of a big family, and a big church family (where we always had potlucks…) So, with the help of  Pinterest and getting creative, I’m challenging myself to low carb meal planning. Here’s my meal plans for the week!

Sunday – Baked Salmon and veggies

Monday – Philly Cheesesteak Casserole (Recipe here)

Tuesday – Date night (one month of being married!)

Wednesday – Spinach and Artichoke stuffed Chicken

Thursday – Cheesy Mexican Casserole (Recipe here)

Friday – Tuna melts (on bagel flats or other low carb option)

I will be posting the recipes to some of these meals in the coming weeks. I’m hoping that this becomes a long term habit. I realize it’s going to take some work, and it won’t be easy for me, since I love pasta… But its worth the sacrifice. It will be healthier for both of us, but especially for Matt, trying to control his blood sugars. Matt told me on our first date that he was diabetic. I remember him asking “is that a problem? I’ve had it be a problem with girls in the past”. I told him absolutely not. Now I’m living up to that promise. 7ac994c59730a3b1229573ce13323519

So blogger friends, help me out! What are some of your favorite low carb recipes? 🙂

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