Happiness is What You Make it

I had someone comment the other day “You seem so much happier lately”. I stopped to think about it… I really am. I haven’t had any anxiety attacks since before the wedding (although, those were probably justified a week before a wedding!) I feel like for once I finally have a handle on my life.

In the past month, I’ve made some huge changes in my life. First off, and most importantly, I got to marry my best friend. Matt and I got married on October 17th, 2015, the happiest day of my life! (I’ll be posting more about the first 30 days of marriage on Tuesday!) I know all brides say it, but I don’t remember much of that day, just the highlights. Walking down the isle and seeing the tears start to well up in Matt’s eyes and me losing it. I don’t think my eyes were dry the entire ceremony! And dancing with Matt and then my dad. I remember those things. I’ll treasure those fond memories forever, and one day, when Matt and I watch our daughter get married, well, I’ll probably lose it all over again…

12107800_1499753296990143_3457549566739954194_n  12208493_1502566573375482_3584320947374250873_n

Photos courtesy of Sadie Grace Photography. Our photographer was AMAZING!! I love her so much and will definitely use her for any and all photography needs!

For our honeymoon, we went on our first ever cruise! We took the Carnival Ecstasy to Cozumel Mexico and we got to get in the water with dolphins and go snorkeling in Mexico! It was definitely an amazing experience.

Formal night on the cruise!
Formal night on the cruise!

When we got back from our cruise and back to normal life, I had one more life change. I left my job at Panera Bread right before the wedding. The job was so stressful and demanding that it was hurting me, my health and my relationship with Matt. I wasn’t going to go into a marriage hating going to work every day. I didn’t want to bring it home with me and project my stress and unhappiness onto my new husband. That definitely wouldn’t be a great way to start a marriage! I knew that this was a change I needed to make in my life for sometime, but the opportunity presented itself literally a week and a half before the wedding. Long story short, I was recruited via linkedin (love that site!) and am now running a little cafe in a museum. It’s much lower volume than I’m used to at Panera, and I’m actually in a position that I can make a difference. I’m able to change the menu, implement change and make it an all around better place to work, and to visit. Oh, and I’m now only working 40 hours, instead of 55+ hours but only getting paid the equivalent of 40 hours. I come home at a decent hour every day, there are much fewer early mornings, and I get to spend time with my new husband (a big plus!) I’m able to cook dinner at home, meaning we get to eat a lot healthier, and I’m not completely exhausted all the time. It had gotten to the point that I was going to work, coming home, falling asleep (half the time on the couch, I was so exhausted) and getting up at a ridiculously early hour just to do it all over again. It was physically, emotionally and mentally draining. I’m in a much better place now, and it’s having a huge difference.

And that is the long, drawn out answer to the comment “You seem happier lately”. I feel happier. I feel at peace.

I apologize in advance for being pretty quiet these past couple months, but its been crazy! Now that I’m starting to get everything organized, I’m hoping to get my blog back on track!

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