Social Dieting: It’s not Bragging, it’s Accountability


Social Dieting… It’s a thing right? Well, I just heard about this, and I jumped onboard. We’ll see how it turns out! A friend of mine from college Laura, Embracing the Chaos (link to her blog! She’s awesome!) started this challenge and so, as I am already trying to lose weight for the wedding, and get into an overall healthier state of living, thought, “why not?!” So, after a $40 entry fee, I am entered into this contest. The challenge is to lose 4% of my weight in 4 weeks, which only equates to a little less than 8lbs. I know I can do it! But now there’s an incentive for me to make my goal. You see, if I make my goal, I get to split the winnings with everyone else that meets the goal. So even if everyone meets their goal, we all still get our money back. But if I didn’t meet my goal, I’d have to forfeit that money and everyone else that met the goal would split it.

I’m always hesitant to put things on facebook about dieting or working out or whatever it may be. I hardly ever “check-in” at the gym, because of my fear that someone will think I’m “bragging”, or “showing-off.” So starting a blog that will include things that I’m doing to have a healthier lifestyle is the complete opposite of what I would prefer to do. I’ve never posted “before and after” pictures or participated in the “transformation tuesday”, and I probably never will. I don’t want to show off. Yes, I like the compliments I get when I look healthier (I mean, what woman doesn’t), but I don’t want people to think that my posting, or blogging is merely for show, that I’m not really trying to improve my life. Maybe this dietbet thing will help me with that. With 8 other people working towards the same goal, and us not being in the same city, it’s forcing us to go to the internet, to go public with our lifestyle, and the steps we’re making to improve our lives.

So how am I going to achieve this goal? I’ve kind of already started my journey, trying to get more in shape for the wedding in October. I mean, I’ve got a strapless dress, my arms have to look good! I’ve been working with a trainer once a week for about a month now, and I am loving it. He pretty much kills me every week, and it hurts to move the next day, but I’m already seeing results. So for the next four weeks I will continue to do that, but I will also increase my days in the gym and the intensity of my individual workouts not with my trainer.
I’m also going to work a lot on my meal planning. My days off work are thursdsays and fridays, so I’m going to organize my week on those days. I’m going to schedule my week, fit my gym sessions into my already hectic schedule and do my meal planning for the whole week. This will help me so on my long days at work, I won’t feel the urge to just grab fast food on the way home. I’ll already know what I’m going to be cooking. And doing everything in advance means that I’ll be able to plan healthy, high protein meals.

This is shaping up to be a great opportunity. Not only do I have something personally invested in it (cash money!) but I have accountability partners. There’s about 9 of us in the group right now, and we have until midnight to recruit anyone else! And it all starts tomorrow! Let the healthy living begin!

What are some ways that you have created accountability in your journey to better health?

Sundays will normally be my day to talk about fitness and overall physical health. What are some things that you’d like to talk about? I’m making my month’s blog list today!


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