Wind Chimes

My final day off for the weekend! I actually got a lot done today, and still got a nap! We finally have wi-fi so I can actually post from a computer instead of my phone. Yay! The app is great for getting stats and stuff on the site, but it doesn’t make it easy to post things with pictures.

This weekend, I did a lot to make the new house a home. The other day, Matt bought me these beautiful purple flowers! He surprised me with them when I got home Thursday night. So yesterday, I potted them and they’re sitting on my front porch! They make the porch look so homey, and you can even see them as you’re pulling in the driveway!


My beautiful flowers!!
My beautiful flowers!!


Today, I put up my wind chimes. This was an important project for me. I love my wind chimes, even though my collection is rather small. It’s not as weird as you might think. When I was a kid, I used to spend a lot of time at my grandparent’s house. There wasn’t a ton to do there, especially when it was just my sister and I there with my grandparents. So I spent a lot of time in the background, usually with my nose in a book. The thing I most remember about my grandma’s backyard, other than her hundreds of cacti, were her wind chimes. She had beautiful wind chimes. Big, deep sounding chimes, little chimes, and everything in between. The sound of wind chimes always makes me nostalgic and takes me back to a simpler time. So I wanted to make sure that I had wind chimes in our new home. And today I put them up! One in the front, near the front door and two in the back yard, near my window. I woke up from my nap today and heard the chimes outside my window. It made for a happy mood when i woke up!


Hummingbird wind chime outside my front door!
Hummingbird wind chime outside my front door!


Tomorrow I’m working again… So tonight, I’m going to hang stuff on the walls and build my bookcase!

Happy Weekend!

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