The Sound of Rain and Fantastic Mr. Fox


Well, we’ve moved in! We’re one house now, one family (four-legged. Don’t get any ideas just yet!) I couldn’t be happier. Last night I sat on my couch in my fuzzy blanket with “Home Creations” embroidered in it, watching “Fantastic Mr. Fox” with the love of my life. My life is pure bliss. I have my puppies (although one is sick right now 😦 ) and as soon as the rain clears, I’ll be able to start my garden again! (Pictures soon to come!)

The idea of unpacking is a daunting one… There are just so many boxes and buckets… I don’t know how it all fit in the house before, and I have no idea how it’s going to fit here. The one great thing, I have a huge pantry and tons of kitchen cabinets! I’m actually in love with my kitchen… I may never leave. But little by little, I’ll get it done and little by little, this house will become our home and it makes me so happy.

I sat on my couch last night, just listening to the rain and reading 1 Corinthians, contemplating how much my life has changed in the past year, or the past 8 months for that matter. At the beginning of December, I was alone in my tiny one bedroom apartment, where they would later find a meth lab down the street from me. I had my cat, Murphy, and it was just us. I worked so much that I literally came home from one job, got ready to go to my other job, then came home, fell asleep, so drained, just to get up at 5am to do it all over again. It was a nightmare. Now, just 8 months later, I wouldn’t change my life for anything. I have Matt, I have my girls, Sasha and Odessa (I really need to post some pictures of them…) and I have a fantastic job, which I may complain about every once in a while, but in all reality, I love. I really do. I couldn’t be happier than what I am now.

This post didn’t have a lot to do with Fantastic Mr. Fox or rain for that matter, so I’ll end on this: I love the sound of rain. I don’t like the mud, (especially with dogs…) but I love the pitter patter of the drops of rain on the roof. There’s something so peaceful about that. I can’t wait for fall.


Until next time,

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