Walls: What are we Using Them For?

What happens when somebody hurts us? What do we do when something happens that crushes us? We might get angry for a while, we might go hide out under a rock, but most likely we probably vow that we will never get into that situation again. We build a wall around our heart. Whether it is be a relationship, family, friends, whatever, we build walls. Now I’m not saying that all walls are bad, in fact quite the opposite. The problem comes when you build walls for the wrong reasons and when you build wall upon wall upon wall so that no one can ever break through and you can never experience life because you’re holding yourself captive.

Walls aren’t inherently bad. Rather they can be quite helpful. Jeruselum was always protected by a wall that God commanded them to build. This wasn’t because God wanted his poepel to live like hermits and be held captive. No, the wall made it so the gate keepers could be selective about who came in. They could keep out the outright attacks from the enemy, but they could also keep out the little distractions that tried to enter. However, the wall was not meant to kep the whole world out.

In the same way, God wants us to guard our heart. Without some type of a wall our heart would be defenseless, open for attack from anything the world throws at us. However, we don’t need multiple walls with no way in. We just need the Holy Spirit standing as our gatekeeper being selective about who is allowed to enter. The quantity of walls, or the height or the thickness of the wall is not what is important. It’s the quality of the wall. It’s what exactly you are using to protect yourself. Are you putting on a mask, giving a false impression that everything is fine while really hiding behind all these walls and barriers or are you really depending on the Lord? You may feel safer with tons of walls hiding yourself from the world, but really what is more safe than leaning on your Father who loves you so much?


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