I keep looking on Pinterest for a quote that will work
a saying that will make sense of everything.
It’s as if i think Pinterest is the Bible or something;
a magic 8 ball that will tell me how it all ends.

But my life can’t fit into a quote.
It can’t be summed up in a picture with a caption.
No matter how inspirational, it’s still empty words on a page.
There’s no life, no truth in those words.
In reality, authors just penned them to make sense of their lives.

So why do we look to these “inspirational” quotes?
Why do we try to find significance in these empty words?
They can’t save our lives, can’t tell us what to do?
It’s not a map or a compass, and certainly not a guide.
It’s just a cluster of words put together in a way that sounds intelligent.

It sounds cliche to say, too naive to point out
that the only place to find “quotes to live by” is in the Bible.
But that’s the truth, there’s no running from that.
True, sometimes it’s not always clear.
It’s not a direct answer like we want it to be.
But where’s the risk in knowing it all?

There’s no need for faith if you know the end.
Life’s a story and you’ll kill the joy if you read the last page.
So go ahead, risk a little, love a lot and life life as an adventure!

Brianna Davis

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